Pretty Girls 5: A Contrast of Styles (1/2 NSFW)

April 3, 2012 by Kerda | 0 comments

In case all of my whimsical graffiti doesn’t hip you to what’s up, clicking on this drawing will take you to the full, uncensored version, which features bare breasts, and more than a hint of danger.

Anyways, I’m coming to you today with two, TWO new drawings of girls, both of which I did last night on a whim and liked so much I figured I would post them.  Now, on a technical note, you may notice that both of these pics are a bit blurry in comparison to all of the other stuff on the site, and that’s because they ended up getting drawn at a lower resolution than I usually work at.  Both of these are essentially remakes of old, crappy drawings I’ve had laying around on my hard drive since years back, when I was on a noisy Pentium 4 system prone to overheating, and working off of a smaller, much lower resolution monitor.  Since both of these drawings were done on a whim, I just began working on new layers within the original, low res files, and by the time they evolved into anything worthwhile I was too far along to really do anything about it.  So, just think of these as, like…”Barbara Walters interview” art, where everything is soft and gauzy. Continue Reading →