Pretty Girls 6: Ethnic Minority Edition

May 30, 2013 by Kerda | 0 comments


So, hey, a new picture finally.  Drew this over the holiday weekend, liked it enough to put it online.

Like my last “Pretty Girls” entry, this began as an update to an old drawing, but ended up developing its own unique character.  It was really the face that I fell in love with, after which point illustration of the body became perfunctory.  That being said, I actually like the way the body turned out, and really enjoy some of the lines contained therein.  The skirt in particular was a real test of my willpower, since my natural instinct when drawing lines that enclose a large, open space is to fill said space with as much…”stuff” as I can logically muster.  I compromised obviously, giving an indication of her pelvic triangle and detailing the hem of the skirt, but trust me when I say that limiting it to even that took an agonizing degree of restraint. Continue Reading →

Pretty Girls 5: A Contrast of Styles (1/2 NSFW)

April 3, 2012 by Kerda | 0 comments

In case all of my whimsical graffiti doesn’t hip you to what’s up, clicking on this drawing will take you to the full, uncensored version, which features bare breasts, and more than a hint of danger.

Anyways, I’m coming to you today with two, TWO new drawings of girls, both of which I did last night on a whim and liked so much I figured I would post them.  Now, on a technical note, you may notice that both of these pics are a bit blurry in comparison to all of the other stuff on the site, and that’s because they ended up getting drawn at a lower resolution than I usually work at.  Both of these are essentially remakes of old, crappy drawings I’ve had laying around on my hard drive since years back, when I was on a noisy Pentium 4 system prone to overheating, and working off of a smaller, much lower resolution monitor.  Since both of these drawings were done on a whim, I just began working on new layers within the original, low res files, and by the time they evolved into anything worthwhile I was too far along to really do anything about it.  So, just think of these as, like…”Barbara Walters interview” art, where everything is soft and gauzy. Continue Reading →

Pretty Girls 4: Warm Feet, Cold Heart

July 24, 2011 by Kerda | 0 comments

Did this drawing a few weeks ago, just never got around to posting it.  Girls in panties is becoming a trend with me, it seems.

I don’t have any really exceptional commentary for this piece.  It came together pretty quickly on a Thursday evening, as I came to the conclusion that drawing > sleeping on a work night.  It was the result of wanting to draw but having no real ideas in my head.

So, I fell back on my old standby of “the ladies” (as I oft-times like to call them, typically while sporting a half-cocked smile and the first few buttons of my polo shirt unfastened, revealing a small tuft of billowing chest hair).  I imagine this girl as being an exceptionally sleek female assassin, tasked with infiltrating an American Apparel shoot and taking out an unsuspecting Dov Charney, perhaps distracted during a moment of public self-pleasure.

Pretty Girls 2: Meganekko Edition

June 19, 2011 by Kerda | 0 comments

So, I wasn’t sure I should ever even publish this picture, but I need a palette cleanse after that last piece, to start the week fresh.

I did this a few months back, and it was really the genesis of my attempts to adopt a looser, more personally enjoyable approach to drawing (documented in painful detail in my last post), which is why it’s such a scrappy mess.

I like it though, way more than a lot of more technically accomplished pieces.  On a technical note, however, this is (sadly) one of the first pieces I’ve done where I focused on making it work when mirrored.  It still looks better as presented, with the subject looking left, but it more or less works when flipped horizontally.  It was interesting how effective flipping the orientation back and forth was in helping me figure out why certain things just looked “off”.

I like the eyes on this piece, more than anything.  There’s nothing terribly complicated about them, but I feel like they convey a certain sense of warmth that I really enjoy.  That’s what I like the best about drawing, being able to scratch together a bunch of fundamentally meaningless marks that, when you get lucky, have the ability to convey something unexpectedly vulnerable and human.  Her eyes make me happy.

Pretty girls (sort of NSFW, depending on how prudish your employer is)

June 6, 2011 by Kerda | 0 comments

So I, like most sad, lonely, heterosexual visual artists, enjoy pretty girls.  If I’m sitting down to draw without any particular goal in mind, 9/10 times I’ll end up scribbling down the female form.

This is one of those random drawings, done a few weeks back.  It turned out a lot nicer than I ever expected, and it uses colors that are far more vibrant than I’m accustomed to.  I genuinely like it, which is saying something.

Also, to echo the subject line, pic is sort of NSFW.  No nudity, but bare back and underwear-addled posterior.  The height of perversion.