E3 / Wii Fit Girl / Console Warz / Yoga Pants



So this week was E3, and the biggest news was obviously the inclusion of the Wii Fit Trainer girl as a character in the new Smash Bros. game.

There’s been a weird degree of self-serious RAGEing over her inclusion, which is silly.  SSB is perhaps the most joyously whimsical game franchise in existence, and I don’t understand how anybody could not love the inclusion of such a goofy, totally unexpected yet wholly-deserving (in terms of repping one of the most important Nintendo franchises of the last 5 years) character.

Plus, yoga pants.  What sort of monster could object to yoga pants, for Christ’s sake?

I drew this picture last night on a whim, though I would throw it up.  I intended for it to be a quick drawing, and I ended up spending more time on it than intended, but probably less than needed.  It’s not my favorite piece, but it has a certain energy that I like.

In terms of broader E3 thoughts: Hey, video games are fun!  I don’t have anything more nuanced than that.  I think I’ll be scraping together the shekels to cop a PS4 this fall to compliment my Wii U, even if just for the new inFamous game, which looks pretty great.  And, of course, the Xbox One is dead in the water.  Watching the gaming community and even the media, who for the most part tow the company line and show proper deference to the monolithic corporations who buy their advertising and pay their bills, spend the week just railing on Microsoft has brought me an inappropriate degree of joy.

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