Pretty Girls 6: Ethnic Minority Edition

May 30, 2013 by Kerda | 0 comments


So, hey, a new picture finally.  Drew this over the holiday weekend, liked it enough to put it online.

Like my last “Pretty Girls” entry, this began as an update to an old drawing, but ended up developing its own unique character.  It was really the face that I fell in love with, after which point illustration of the body became perfunctory.  That being said, I actually like the way the body turned out, and really enjoy some of the lines contained therein.  The skirt in particular was a real test of my willpower, since my natural instinct when drawing lines that enclose a large, open space is to fill said space with as much…”stuff” as I can logically muster.  I compromised obviously, giving an indication of her pelvic triangle and detailing the hem of the skirt, but trust me when I say that limiting it to even that took an agonizing degree of restraint. Continue Reading →