Pretty Girls 3: Balding, Depressive Middle Aged Men Edition

June 25, 2011 by Kerda | 1 Comment

This week saw the return of comedian Louis C.K.’s awesome, awesome….awesome comedrama short film anthologicom Louis for its 2nd season, and I was inspired to do this surprisingly speedy drawing of his signature crimson-coiffed countenance.  Alliteration-Ho!!!

Anytime I read reviews of Louis, the critics always go out of their way to mention that Louis C.K. is “certainly no actor”, but that’s a large part of what makes the show so great.  The sheer darkness of so much of the it’s subject matter would be overwhelming were it not for Louis’ tendency to always seem utterly baffled by the world around him.  He manages to evoke a sense of innocence, alienation and cynicism all at the same time, which is pretty remarkable.  A “real” actor trying to “feel the moment” would oversell most of the material, and would transform the show into something just crushingly sad.

Plus, the first few minutes of this week’s episode is probably the funniest thing I’ve seen on TV all year.

inFamous 2: Pseudo-review + quickie drawing

June 22, 2011 by Kerda | 0 comments

I finished up inFamous 2 this past week, and figured I would post some thoughts, a review-esque retrospective.  Think of it as a supplement to more detail-oriented “traditional” reviews.

Simply put, I really love this series, which I think puts me in something of the minority.  Developer Sucker Punch’s two forays into this world have both been met with complimentary, perfunctory 8/10 review scores and the polite golf clapping of the gaming establishment, but people don’t really seem excited about these games.  And I think that’s a shame, because what’s being done with this series, though written off as solely iterative, is ambitious and progressive in it’s own unique, understated, unsexy way.

Though their first big splash was with 2002′s Sly Cooper on the PS2, I’m firmly of the belief that Sucker Punch are a band of early 90s 16-bit developers who, during a freak accident stemming from a massive “Blast Processing” explosion, were frozen in time for close to a decade, only to awaken in the late 90s to a brave new world of polygons and disc-based media.  Though their new games parade around in a shell modernity (sometimes awkwardly and unconvincingly), their hearts beat with the chiptune thump of antiquity. Continue Reading →

Pretty Girls 2: Meganekko Edition

June 19, 2011 by Kerda | 0 comments

So, I wasn’t sure I should ever even publish this picture, but I need a palette cleanse after that last piece, to start the week fresh.

I did this a few months back, and it was really the genesis of my attempts to adopt a looser, more personally enjoyable approach to drawing (documented in painful detail in my last post), which is why it’s such a scrappy mess.

I like it though, way more than a lot of more technically accomplished pieces.  On a technical note, however, this is (sadly) one of the first pieces I’ve done where I focused on making it work when mirrored.  It still looks better as presented, with the subject looking left, but it more or less works when flipped horizontally.  It was interesting how effective flipping the orientation back and forth was in helping me figure out why certain things just looked “off”.

I like the eyes on this piece, more than anything.  There’s nothing terribly complicated about them, but I feel like they convey a certain sense of warmth that I really enjoy.  That’s what I like the best about drawing, being able to scratch together a bunch of fundamentally meaningless marks that, when you get lucky, have the ability to convey something unexpectedly vulnerable and human.  Her eyes make me happy.

Awesome new drawing!!! (Caution: long, aimless rambling contained herein)

June 19, 2011 by Kerda | 0 comments


Ugh, this drawing was a pain in the ass.

I mean, I think I like it, but the time I’ve spent this past week working on it has been…obnoxious, to put it lightly.

Over the last few months, I’ve begun to use an approach to line making in Photoshop that’s as much sculpting as it is drawing.  I used to have at least 3 main layers to any piece in PS, with an initial quick sketch, a 2nd more detailed drawing, working out most of the specifics of the size and shape of things, and a final “clean” layer that kept the structure of the 2nd layer but focused more on line weight and adding in the little details.  This sort of worked, except for the fact that my final layer always felt flat.  There were always shapes or lines, or a certain intangible energy to my faster, more spontaneous sketches that was lost once I set about making things smooth and “presentable”.  Plus, it had a tendency to bring out all of my worst OCD line making tics, redrawing lines to a compulsive degree in search of a “perfect” weight or shape that was never quite attainable.  Needless to say, this approach resulted in my hard drive becoming a mass grave of unfinished pieces, cast into the pit out of frustration, their rotting scraps a persistent reminder of defeat. Continue Reading →

E3 2011 Thoughts

June 10, 2011 by Kerda | 0 comments

So, even though I don’t think anybody knows this site exists, I figured I would post some thoughts about this year’s E3 expo, the game industry’s annual trade show.

On the whole, it seemed like a very sedated show.  Even just 5 or 6 years ago, there was a real, palpable sense of excitement post-E3 that propelled the industry forward through the long, barren summer months ahead.  Sure, you may have to suffer through both unbearable heat and cynically produced licensed dreck, seeping from the glistening fat folds of the bloated Hollywood industrial complex, but fall promised a cleansing bounty of “gamer’s games”, appointment games. Continue Reading →

Your Sanctuary (Cleanin’ out the backlog Pt. 2)

June 10, 2011 by Kerda | 0 comments

So, this picture is taking it waaaay back to the summer of 2008.  I’ve had this rotting in my stash forever now.

Earthbound is one of my favorite games of all time.  It’s a game that was never mechanically or visually on the bleeding edge of innovation, even back in 1995 when it was first released stateside, but my god was it a memorable experience.  Set in a contemporary world (a rarity even nowadays, where high fantasy, sci-fi and various genres that include the word “punk” still have a strangle grip on digital roleplaying), with a sensibility that giddily stumbled between humorous, sincerely weird and weirdly sincere, it was “quirky” before “quirky” became the adjective used to describe every game not about gun fetishism.

Plus, the enemies were all awesome, which is what inspired me to do this piece cramming together a horde of it’s assorted ne’er-do-wells and nogoodniks.  It’s a game that I’ve always strongly associated with summertime, so it’s only appropriate that I slap it online to celebrate the season.

Wolf Haley

June 8, 2011 by Kerda | 0 comments

Lately, I’ve been on something of an Odd Future kick.  I won’t waste my time writing yet another analysis of the group’s “unsettling content”, other than to say that OFWGKTA is black comedy, with a liberal dose of self-hatred and pathos mixed in for good measure.  I fully understand why some people take issue with them, but if you have a dark sense of humor and an appreciation for good hip-hop music, it’s some of the most compelling stuff to come around in forever.

Anyways, group leader Tyler, the Creator released the (NSFW) video to his new single “She” last Friday, and I was inspired to do this drawing of Ace in all of his stalkerific glory.  I drew an initial sketch Friday night and finished things up a few minutes back, so figured I would just throw it out there and be done with it all, so I can move on to the next thing without laboring over this piece.  This is probably the quickest completion-to-publishing time I’ve ever had on a drawing, and it’s sort of nice.

Pretty girls (sort of NSFW, depending on how prudish your employer is)

June 6, 2011 by Kerda | 0 comments

So I, like most sad, lonely, heterosexual visual artists, enjoy pretty girls.  If I’m sitting down to draw without any particular goal in mind, 9/10 times I’ll end up scribbling down the female form.

This is one of those random drawings, done a few weeks back.  It turned out a lot nicer than I ever expected, and it uses colors that are far more vibrant than I’m accustomed to.  I genuinely like it, which is saying something.

Also, to echo the subject line, pic is sort of NSFW.  No nudity, but bare back and underwear-addled posterior.  The height of perversion.

Cleanin’ out the backlog

June 6, 2011 by Kerda | 0 comments

I’ll start off easy and clean out some old stuff that I’ve never published online before now.

This is a finished-esque picture I did around a year ago of CM Punk, who’s easily my favorite professional wrestler working today, and his now-defunct “Straight Edge Society”.

Yes, I watch pro-wrestling.

Yes, I know it’s “fake”.  Why is that always the first response of non-fans when you bring up wrestling?  I watch it because it’s fake, not in spite of it.

Anyways, this is from back when Punk still had his wacky Manson hair and “homicidal woodsman” beard.  Good times, those…

So, uhh….new site!

June 5, 2011 by Kerda | 0 comments

So, this is considerably different than my old site, but I never updated that one, so it was time for a change.

Hopefully, you’ll see the look of this site evolve over time as I become more acclimated to WordPress.  In truth, I’ll probably just get lazy and it will look like this a decade from now, but a boy can dream….

Anyways, I do (in all seriousness) hope to be updating this place on a regular basis with artwork and/or writing, so stay tuned.